In today’s era the most precious resource is knowledge.
And in our flagship course, CashUCation, we teach you how to pack your knowledge,
Whatever it is (do not have to be experts on anything), and sell them all over the world.
and moreover! : You’ll do it almost effortlessly.
Because with our method, 95% of sales will be completely automated once you have laid the foundation.
You can stay behind,
Or you can move on to the new world where more and more people are getting richer from their knowledge.

How we work

  • 1. How To Film A Knowledge Product

    You will learn how to film a knowledge product with basic equipment

  • 2. How To Write A Knowledge Product

    You will learn The right structure of a ebook knowledge product, How to design it like a pro and how you can add extra content to your text.

  • 3. Marketing

    Learn how to create landing pages and lead magnets that will make your sells increase by 10-50%.

  • 4. the Velocity to 1$, and than to 10,000$

    Step by step how to earn your first revenue online, how you can make your revenues stable.

  • 5. summary, time management 101, customers support, motivation etc

    How to set a professional customer service to support your buyers and make them happy and satisfied.


Price for the first 100 customers